Please read our FAQ before Contact us a.

Can I get a sample first before placing an Order?

Yes, Company can see the sample before placing the order, and our agent will bring it Physically.
But if it is a comparatively new product, then the sample depends on stock availability.

What are after sell service for ESD clothes?

If the dress got damaged before the 50 Autoclve cycles, we would replace the damaged one and
Luster will damage repair for shoe cover if it got damaged within 50 cycles of washing.

Can we place an order overall,shoe cover and hoody seperatly for ESD dress?

Yes,Luster can supply separately where price will be depend on order quantity and color of ESD

How many autoclave cycle garanty for Goggles ?

Luster will take guarantee for 50 autoclave cycles (121-123 degree ) for goggles.